The Challenge

We know the numbers

Women are paid less. They are underrepresented at the leadership level. And women with multiple marginalized identities – women of color, transgender women – fare even worse.

We know what needs to happen

Our educational, business, and political institutions must change. Systemic issues like the wage gap, biased hiring processes, and sexual harassment can only be solved at this level.

We know who will lead the change

Amplify contends that while gender oppression is everyone’s problem, those best equipped to solve it are women. Women who are leading from every seat, including the top. Women with diverse identities and experiences. Women like you.

Program Summary

Amplify is an eight week program that focuses on individual, leadership, and organizational capacity-building to address issues of gender in the Advancement profession. Women will learn key concepts and apply them at their place of work through personal reflection, small group discussion, and action-learning assignments.

Thirty diverse women will be selected to serve as Amplify Leads. They will receive training to recruit other Advancement women at their institution, facilitate weekly discussion groups, and support the success of their small group participants. Our vision is to engage 150 women from across CASE D1 as Amplify Leads and small group participants.

Amplify Lead Responsibilities

  • Attend the Amplify Lead training retreat in Boston
  • Convene women to watch and debrief webinars
  • Share the program with senior leaders
  • Lead ongoing assessment activities
  • Participate in alumni reunions

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A New Solution

Building capacity for change must start at the individual level but it cannot end there. Amplify continues the process at women’s places of work through leadership and organizational development that includes allies and other partners.

Individual Development

A hidden force that undermines women is internalized oppression. This plays out as the oft-cited Imposter Syndrome, where women feel like frauds regardless of their competence, to the conflict women experience around their identities and life choices. Amplify will provide tools to recognize and change our perceptions of ourselves and other women.

Leadership Development

Research indicates that although women are talented leaders, their confidence lags significantly behind that of men. This is because traditional leadership is a highly-gendered concept that skews towards masculinity. Amplify will help women redefine leadership in gender-expansive ways so that it works for, not against, their identities.

Organizational Development

Too often, women’s programs occur in isolation without the critical support of other women and allies. Amplify creates a shared learning experience for women within their places of work. By developing community with other members and allies, Amplify provides the resources women need to sustain their own growth and that of their organizations.

Amplify Skills


Characteristics commonly associated with leadership are gendered masculine, which inhibits and deters women. Amplify will teach you ways to reframe leadership so that it works for, not against, your identities.


Whether it’s caregiving or being asked to perform “office housework,” traditional gender roles create conflicting demands for women. Amplify will help you recognize and navigate these and other gendered expectations.


Advocacy for self and others frequently brings negative consequences for women. Amplify will help you identify effective strategies to advocate for change by creating a culture of interdependence and support with other women and allies. 

Why Amplify

“Amplification” is the act of one woman repeating – or amplifying – the idea of another woman by restating it and giving her credit. The term was coined by female White House staffers in the Obama administration who used it to combat gender dynamics that occurred during male-dominated staff meetings.

As Washington Post reporter Julie Eilperin states in, “White House women want to be in the room where it happens,” amplification forced men to recognize women’s ideas through their shared advocacy and mutual support. The practice of amplification serves as the inspiration for Amplify.

Program Details

Amplify is an 8-week program program that includes in-person and online learning experiences. Women selected into the program will serve as Amplify Leads within their Advancement organization. They will be responsible for convening a small group of women to participate in the weekly online webinars where they will identify ways to support – and amplify – each other at work.

Amplify Retreat

Amplify Leads will be invited to attend a training retreat held in Boston where they will review the program content and learn group facilitation skills. The Retreat takes place prior to the CASE D1 Conference to encourage participation in the Women’s Leadership Pre-Conference Track.

Online Webinars

Amplify Leads will convene a small group of women in their Advancement organization for 8 weeks to watch and debrief the webinars together.

Institutional Orientation

A unique feature of Amplify is the option to invite senior leaders to learn about the program. While not required, this element accelerates capacity-building efforts that support sustained, long-term change.

Ongoing Assessment

Amplify Leads will participate in a pre- and post-program evaluation to track individual development, provide feedback about specific sessions, and assess program outcomes.

Alumni Debrief and Reunions

Amplify Leads will be invited to a reunion to reconnect, process the program experience, and continue their learning and development.

Program Outcomes

  • Establish strategic networks of diverse women and allies. Amplify will foster connections that support and elevate women long after the program ends.
  • Build women’s leadership efficacy at every level. Amplify will enhance women’s self-belief through intentional learning experiences.
  • Increase the number of women in senior leadership roles. Amplify will encourage women’s involvement at the highest levels of their organizations.

Program Cost

Every effort has been made to keep costs to a minimum through the CASE D1 Venture Fund and in-kind donations from Dartmouth College, Boston University, and Harvard University. Limited scholarships are available for women whose institutions cannot cover the registration fee.

Registration Fees:

  • $399 for those selected to be Amplify Leads
  • $99 for each small group member

Amplify Leads are responsible for their travel and hotel accommodations for the Amplify Retreat that will be held in Boston, MA.

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