A New Solution

Amplify Strategies

Building capacity for change must start at the personal level but it cannot end there. Amplify continues the process at women’s places of work through leadership and organizational development that includes allies and partners. These three interrelated strategies – personal, leadership, and organizational – reinforce and support each other to create sustainable change.

Personal Development

A hidden force that undermines women is internalized oppression. This plays out as the oft-cited Imposter Syndrome as well as the conflict women experience around their identities and life choices. Amplify will provide tools to recognize and change our perceptions of ourselves and other women.

Leadership Development

Research indicates that although women are talented leaders, their confidence lags significantly behind that of men. Traditional leadership is a highly-gendered concept. Amplify will help women redefine leadership in gender-expansive ways so that it works for, not against, their identities.

Organizational Development

Too often, women’s programs occur in isolation without the critical support of other women and allies. Amplify creates a shared learning experience for women within their places of work. By developing community with other members and allies, Amplify provides the resources women need to sustain their own growth and that of their organizations.

Amplify Skills

Amplify participants learn three anti-oppression skills that are critical to our individual and collective liberation: reframing, navigating, and advocating. These skills help people with marginalized and minoritized identities survive and thrive at work.


Reframing is to look at something in a new way. Through Amplify, you will learn to rewrite old stories and update traditional beliefs that no longer serve you.

Navigating is to go around or avoid obstacles. Amplify will teach you ways to recognize double standards and gender roles that hold you back at work and at home.


Advocating is to create change for yourself and others. You will join a community that advances women and other marginalized groups.


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