Amplify Program

Why Amplify?

“Amplification” is the act of one woman repeating – or amplifying – the idea of another woman by restating it and giving her credit. The term was coined by female White House staffers in the Obama administration who used it to combat gender dynamics that occurred during male-dominated staff meetings.


Amplify is an eight-week program that focuses on individual, leadership, and organizational capacity-building to address gender inequity. The program is for women who work in Advancement in educational institutions such as colleges, universities, and K-12 schools.

In 2023, Amplify will meet weekly on Thursdays from Noon – 1:30 p.m. EST from March 30 to May 18. During the sessions, women learn specific strategies and skills to apply at their places of work. Check out the Amplify syllabus for learning outcomes and session titles.

Every year, between 15-20 women are selected through a competitive application process to serve as Amplify Leads for their home institutions. Amplify Leads recruit 4-6 other women from their institution to participate in the program. After each session, Amplify Leads facilitate small group discussions with their Amplify Participants.

2023 Program Cost

Registration Fees

Amplify is a professional development opportunity. As such, costs must be covered by your home institution. Payment may be made via credit card or you may request an invoice. Limited scholarships are available for people whose institutions cannot cover registration fees.

As part of our commitment to racial justice, the fee is waived for women who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color.

  • $399 for those selected to be Amplify Leads
  • $99 for each small group member (Paid at the conclusion of the program)

Program Expectations

Amplify Leads

A small group of diverse women will be selected to serve as Amplify Leads. They are responsible for recruiting participants at their organization, facilitating online discussion groups, and supporting the success of their small group participants. Training for Amplify Leads includes a two-day online retreat and four online training sessions that take place prior to the Amplify program launch.

  • Attend the two-day online Amplify Lead Retreat and participate in four online training sessions
  • Recruit 4-6 Participants to join their Amplify small group
  • Attend the weekly presentation and facilitate small group discussions
  • Share the program with senior leaders
  • Lead ongoing assessment activities
  • Participate in alum reunions

Click here to learn more about the Amplify Lead position

Amplify Participants

Amplify Participants are selected by their Amplify Lead in collaboration with their home institution to participate in the program. There is no formal application process, although they must register for the program.

  • Attend weekly online presentations and small group discussions
  • Share the program with supervisors
  • Complete online assessments
  • Participate in alum reunions

Amplify History

Amplify launched in 2020 as a collaborative effort between CASE D1, Dartmouth College, and Boston University. Seed money from the CASE D1 Venture Fund supported Amplify in its first year until the program became self-sustaining through program fees. In 2022, Amplify expanded beyond CASE D1 to include colleges and universities across the U.S. More than 300 participants from 20 institutions have participated in Amplify to date.

Amplify was recognized at the District level with two awards and received the CASE Circle of Excellence Grand Gold Award in 2021. The alum base continues to grow, and in 2022, Amplify launched its first online alum events.

Meet the founders of Amplify, Alexis Kanda-Olmstead and Amy Bronson, and learn more about the program by watching “From Me to We: Advancing Women in the Profession” from the 2021 CASE All Districts Conference.


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