Amplify Skills


To look at something in a new way

  • Helps us update dominant stories, mind models, and belief systems
  • Takes our current reality and reconceptualizes it into something productive and inspiring
  • failure = learning experience
  • crisis = opportunity
  • diversity as a strength vs. a vulnerability
  • fear as part of being courageous


To avoid or go around obstacles

  • Helps us combat acts of oppression (stereotypes, double standards, and microaggressions)
  • Positions us to take advantage of opportunities and create new possibilities
  • Saying “no” to office housework (e.g., planning parties, taking notes)
  • Applying for a job before we feel 100% ready


To create change for self and others

  • Helps us identify and take action that supports equity
  • Personalized to each woman’s experience
  • Mentoring junior colleagues
  • Asking for a stretch assignment

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