Amplify Syllabus

Amplify is an eight week program that focuses on individual, leadership, and organizational capacity-building to address gender inequity in the Advancement profession. Women will learn key concepts and apply them at their place of work through personal reflection, small group discussion, and action-learning assignments.

Amplify Learning Outcomes

  1. Personal Development
    • Will demonstrate self-efficacy through goal-setting and sustained action
    • Will utilize personal values and community-based strengths to counter internalized oppression
  2. Leadership Development
    • Will demonstrate the ability to use the Amplify Skills to reframe challenges as opportunities for growth, navigate obstacles, and advocate for self and others
  3. Organizational Development
    • Will identify, analyze, and challenge inequities in organizations
    • Will cultivate community as places of personal growth, shared knowledge, and support

Amplify Program Sessions

Every Friday from 12 Noon to 1:30 p.m. from April 30 – June 18, 2021.

Session 1 (4/30/21): Amplifying Yourself and Others

Session 2 (5/7/21): Deconstructing Gender and Leadership

Session 3 (5/14/21): Expanding Identity to Values and Strengths

Session 4 (5/21/21): Cracking the Confidence Code

Session 5 (5/28/21): Cultivating Resilience

Session 6 (6/4/21): Building Inclusive Organizations

Session 7 (6/11/21): Creating Change through Community

Session 8 (6/18/21): Sustaining a Movement

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