Amplify Syllabus

Amplify Learning Outcomes

  1. Utilize personal values and community-based strengths to create change for self and others
  2. Practice the skills of reframing, navigating, and advocating to manage self-doubt and other forms of internalized oppression
  3. Redefine dominant mind models about leaders and leadership to be inclusive of diverse identities
  4. Implement strategies to gain perspective, manage stress, and cultivate resilience
  5. Identify and analyze organizational opportunities for inclusion and growth
  6. Create community for personal, leadership, and organizational development 

Amplify Program Sessions

Every Thursday from 12 Noon to 1:30 p.m. EST from March 30 – May 18, 2023.

Session 1: Amplifying Yourself and Others (3/30/23)

Session 2: Deconstructing Gender (4/6/23)

Session 3: Getting Comfortable with Power (4/13/23)

Session 4: Expanding Identity to Personal Values (4/20/23)

Session 5: Cracking the Confidence Code (4/27/23)

Session 6: Cultivating Resilience (5/4/23)

Session 7: Transforming Organizations (5/11/23)

Session 8: Creating Change through Community (5/18/23)

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