You are enough: Apply to be an Amplify Lead

Imposter Syndrome is an equal opportunity oppressor, afflicting people of all identities and backgrounds. That said, women are more vulnerable to it, especially those who are high-achievers, which I am assuming you are. Due to stereotypes and other societal nonsense, our competence and intelligence are routinely questioned and there are higher expectations for our performance.Continue reading “You are enough: Apply to be an Amplify Lead”

Fear Fix Rx

The good news is that finding a fix for your fear hangover isn’t that hard. Similar to a real hangover, it can be as easy as taking a Tylenol. Or putting on this prescription-grade Emergency Clown Nose that I bought on Amazon for $8.50, which I like to do when I’m feeling especially fearful.

What’s your superpower?

I was about to go on stage, and I was frustrated. “What made you think this was a good idea?” I silent-screamed at myself in the mirror. The TEDx event had loomed on my calendar for months. I’d written and rewritten my talk. Rehearsed it over and over. But still, I didn’t feel ready. IContinue reading “What’s your superpower?”

Is that true? Or is that VOO?

Perfection is the voice of the oppressor. – Anne Lamott I was getting ready for work this morning and decided to put a braid in my hair before tying it up into a bun. As I went to select my earrings, I deliberated for a moment. Should I wear the gold hoops or the silverContinue reading “Is that true? Or is that VOO?”