Fear Fix Rx

The good news is that finding a fix for your fear hangover isn’t that hard. Similar to a real hangover, it can be as easy as taking a Tylenol. Or putting on this prescription-grade Emergency Clown Nose that I bought on Amazon for $8.50, which I like to do when I’m feeling especially fearful.

What’s your superpower?

I was about to go on stage, and I was frustrated. “What made you think this was a good idea?” I silent-screamed at myself in the mirror. The TEDx event had loomed on my calendar for months. I’d written and rewritten my talk. Rehearsed it over and over. But still, I didn’t feel ready. IContinue reading “What’s your superpower?”

Is that true? Or is that VOO?

Perfection is the voice of the oppressor. – Anne Lamott I was getting ready for work this morning and decided to put a braid in my hair before tying it up into a bun. As I went to select my earrings, I deliberated for a moment. Should I wear the gold hoops or the silverContinue reading “Is that true? Or is that VOO?”