Amplify Lead Applications Now Open!

Empowerment. Development. Community. Change. Impact. These are the words Amplify participants use to describe their experience in the program. Now you have the opportunity to create this experience for yourself and your colleagues as an Amplify Lead. You may think you don’t have the time or aren’t “ready enough” for the role. Everyone who hasContinue reading “Amplify Lead Applications Now Open!”

You are enough: Apply to be an Amplify Lead

Imposter Syndrome is an equal opportunity oppressor, afflicting people of all identities and backgrounds. That said, women are more vulnerable to it, especially those who are high-achievers, which I am assuming you are. Due to stereotypes and other societal nonsense, our competence and intelligence are routinely questioned and there are higher expectations for our performance.Continue reading “You are enough: Apply to be an Amplify Lead”