I have reframed my view of what leadership means – it’s not the power down model that I have always believed leadership to be, but more of a process, which makes the idea of being a leader more accessible to me.

A life changing program

Amplify is so much more than a women’s leadership development initiative. It is a life changing program that uses the collective power of sisterhood, diverse views, and education to equip women with the tools, skills, and training necessary to advance not only our profession, but gender equity.

Becoming more visible

I was talking with an ally who has become a friend, and he said that he thought in the past few months, I had really become much more visible across the department, was really being a leader in a lot of ways, and was offering a lot of good ideas and support to many people. I told him, and I mean it with all my heart, that if that’s true, it’s because of Amplify.

Speaking truth to power

 Amplify has been like my secret happy place and a chance to hop the fence and do cross-departmental work, and it represents the first community I’ve had since I started at the college. I now call my cohort my friends, and I feel empowered to speak truth to power. 

Feeling more confident

I feel more confident about my abilities and the work that I’ve done to get me where I am. I’ve also taken the initiative to ask for feedback, and much of what I’ve received has both reinforced the value that I thought I was providing, as well as provided the opportunity to see myself as others see me, and it’s been eye-opening and so incredibly powerful. It’s given me so much more confidence in the way I am as a manager and how I’m viewed as a leader.

I brought at least five strong, smart, trustworthy, badass (am I allowed to write that?!*) women into my inner circle through Amplify. I know that I could reach out to any one of them to talk about something personal or professional without fear of judgement or need for explanation. I feel kinder towards the organization as a whole knowing that my fellow Amplifiers are out there working to make it more just and supportive.

*Yes, you are allowed to write that.

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